4 Reasons You Must Try This Mind-blowing Edible Coffee – Coffee Pixels!

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You are rushing to take the bus to work on a typical Monday.

Your body is craving for caffeine, urgently need some caffeine to kick your brain from the weekends hangover. 

3 mins more until the bus arrive. Should be just enough to grab a coffee. You can make it. 

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You run into the coffee shop. Grab a coffee and go. The moment you open the cafe door, bus just left the station. Damn! 

Does it sound familiar to you?  

What if I told you there’s a new way to consume caffeine, a smarter way, a more sustainable way, and you would never have to rush to coffee shops for caffeine? 

Here’s the solution from Latvia - Edible Coffee. 

It’s totally real.  

Thank you Coffee Pixels for this killer product. I fell in love with the idea of edible coffee once I read about them on the Internet. When the box finally arrived and I put it in my mouth, I melt and I knew this gonna change my life.  

In this article, I am giving you 4 reasons why you MUST try this mind-blowing edible coffee - Coffee Pixels.  

4 Reasons Why You MUST Try Coffee Pixels 

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1. The First Zero-waste coffee product 

The first reason I appreciate a lot of this product is its sustainability. 

During coffee production, energies wasted. From coffee cherry to the final cup of coffee, the production chain is very long. That’s why coffee sustainability is a big hero topic among the industry.  

And here comes Coffee Pixels. It is the first zero-waste coffee product in the market. 

As Raivis told European Coffee Trip, the team were inspired by people who tried to use coffee beans to substitute cocoa beans in making chocolate bar. 

Coffee Pixels is made out of specialty coffee beans, cascara, and organic cocoa butter. 

As a barista, no matter how much we extract from the coffee using hot water (even with pressure and blah blah blah), we can only get maximum 30% of water-soluble content from the coffee beans in a cup of coffee. (Ignoring the fact that the coffee will taste unpleasant beyond 22%)

Technically, as a barista, we waste at least 70% of the coffee in our every brew. 

Coffee Pixels contains the whole coffee bean. Plus, cascara - the dried skin of coffee cherry.

Theoretically, zero-waste. 

2. The out-of-the-box Idea - Eating coffee 

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I always admired people who are creative and thinking out of the box, who doesn’t? I believe I could have never imagined how coffee can become like a chocolate bar. 

A lot of barista are exploring new ways to bring specialty coffee experience beyond the coffee shops’ walls. Specialty Instant Coffee is one of the very cool ideas I had shared before. This was also one of the reasons why the team came up with the idea of creating an edible coffee. 

From liquid coffee to solid coffee, this idea simply got me. You can take it to wherever and whenever you want. No water and cup is needed. It is all ready to eat. You can manage your caffeine intake whenever you want, no matter it’s 3am in the morning or 9pm in the evening. All in your hands.  

The appearance of Coffee Pixels is no difference to a typical chocolate bar. Each bar contains the caffeine content equivalent to one shot of espresso, 50mg caffeine. You can literally EAT a shot of espresso. 

Isn’t it too good to be true? 

3. The Heavenly Taste 

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Well, what’s more important about the product? The taste, right? 

I have only one word: Heavenly. 

It is clear enough to tell you how much I love Coffee Pixels. It just tastes so good! 

90% of customers ,who take espresso just to get the caffeine kick, like strong and black and bitter coffee. Don’t judge. But bitterness makes them feel they do intake some caffeine. Ironically, they tell me they hate bitterness. 

Coffee Pixels gives you a completely opposite experience. 

The chocolate bar looking-like edible coffee tastes so heavenly that you will need to control yourself not to keep opening another pack.  

Coffee Pixels has two flavours: Cascara and Milk. 

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Cascara one has a stronger coffee flavours. It tastes like you put the whole coffee beans in your mouth and the flavours of an Ethiopian beans started slowly releasing within your mouth. And you can feel the coffee cherry flavours. It’s fruity and interesting. Because it contains himalayas salt, you will taste the salt as well. Overall, the texture is so smooth and it’s rich in flavours.  

I would say it tastes like a fruity coffee chocolate bar.  

Milk version is slightly mild than the cascara ones. I guess the portion of milk in the bar is different so it gives you a mild version. It still very smooth and tasty.  

Personally, I am more in love with the Cascara ones. 

You can’t imagine how fun the experience with coffee could be until you put Coffee Pixels in your month and let it melt. 

Heavenly, is the only word I can tell you, again. 

4. Your Energy Boost  

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Now, talking about its functionality. 

Coffee Pixels can definitely be your energy boost. It gives you 4 hours steady energy because the cocoa butter in the edible coffee bar slows down the absorbance rate of caffeine in your body.

Instead of having a high caffeine rush and then crash, Coffee Pixels works as your steady energy boost. 

I am not going to explain caffeine and all of their researches in this article. You can visit their blog, I am sure they can provide you all the answer. But overall, I am convinced by its functions as en energy boost. It contains caffeine anyway. 

So next time, when you need to focus on your work, try to bite a Coffee Pixels instead and let me know how do you feel! 


Overall, I will put a mega PLUS for this product. Here is a summary of Forbidden’s review. 

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Product Rating 

9.5 / 10 

It definitely changes my life. This is a whole new level of coffee experience that you could imagine. 

Intended Use 

9 / 10 

It is just perfect for anytime you need caffeine. Not for coffee enjoyment. 


8 / 10

To me, it is cheaper than an espresso. It is very reasonable. 

Value for Money 

9.5 / 10 

Coffee Pixels, please take my money. 

Perfect for whom

It is perfect for any coffee lovers who are open to explore coffee possibilities. Any people who need caffeine for their Mondays or work. Simply, just anyone who needs caffeine. 


It is portable, tastes very good, gives you a steady energy boost. And just too cool. 


It is not for your cup-of-coffee enjoyment. 


Not yet any alternatives. 

Buying Advice 

Choose a mixed box for first time purchase. 

Forbidden Final Verdict: 

I cannot further tell you how much I love about this product. I highly recommend anyone to give it a try. So far I have shared to a few barista friends, they are super excited about Coffee Pixels.  

Hopefully to meet the team in Amsterdam in person in World of Coffee June 2018! 

Here are where you can order your Coffee Pixels

Vanessa Lee

Founder of Forbidden Project since 2016. A Law & Bus degree graduate who chose to go into the coffee world. Passionate, stubborn and rebellious to traditional concepts. Recently working as a barista trainer. Active competitor in various coffee events.

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