Coffee Easy #2 – 4 Reasons why you should love Specialty Coffee

If you are reading this, I’m sure you know at least a bit what is Specialty Coffee already. SCAA found that out of the $48 billion U.S. retail coffee market, around 55% of spend will go towards Specialty Coffee in 2017. It is prevailing globally. Specialty is taking over the coffee world; you have no reason to still turn a deaf ear to specialty.

Well, if that’s too much to take, I’m here to conclude 4 solid reasons why you should love Specialty Coffee.


1.High Quality – Your coffee has been taken great care

Quality is the core value of this industry.

Starting from the ground, whether the coffee is planted in the right soil, with appropriate climatic conditions and cared for properly are all precisely evaluated. Only when all these things are right, can then the greatness in coffee be preserved and later on develop as specialty coffee.

Next, from green beans to roasted bean, roasters come into the league. Roasting contributes over 90% of flavour development. To unveil all the good flavour, roasters have to fully understand the physical quality of a coffee in order to decide the best roasting profile.

Then, barista gets the roasted bean in hand. The coffee is then be brewed, either in espresso or drip. Barista manages the coffee extraction by controlling the brewing methods, brew ratios, water quality, temperature, grind sizes and more. Barista is a storyteller, who tells and presents the best version of the coffee through brewing.

Over 400 hands touched you coffee before it arrived before you. From farmers to your barista behind the bar, your coffee is greatly taken care to make sure it’s of excellent quality.


2. Specialty Coffee tastes good

Now you know it is of top quality, it becomes obvious that specialty coffee tastes good. While taste is very personal, let’s talk about bitterness. A lot of friends around me say they don’t like coffee because it is bitter. In coffee beans, bitterness comes from caffeine. Caffeine is a natural pesticide produced by the plant itself.

Specialty coffee ( usually means arabica ) can only be grown on high altitude ( 900m – 2000m above sea level ) while commercial coffee ( usually means robusta ) is mass produced on lower altitude ( 200m – 600m above sea level). Higher ground means severe environment, harsher climate for pests and insets. Therefore, coffee trees do not need to produce as much caffeine to resist pest as those grow in lower lands.

In theory, arabica coffee has lower bitterness than robusta.


3. It is a lifestyle & art 

Every single brew is unique.  We care about the detail, we care about the taste, as well as the whole experience. Coffee is a piece of art being cooperated by a huge group of people in the industry.

Drinking Specialty Coffee is also a lifestyle, that you choose to feed yourself the best. Appreciating the coffee that you are drinking with enjoyment, is the new lifestyle you should pick.


4. The industry is beautiful 

This industry is a beauty. From seed to cup, everybody in the cycle strike for excellence just to produce a nice cup of coffee. This collaboration is huge; massive of hands in between. Every sip of your coffee, there’s so much dedication behind. Isn’t that beautiful ?


I am sure there are more than these to love Specialty Coffee! Comment and let me know!

Vanessa Lee

Founder of Forbidden Project since 2016. A Law & Bus degree graduate who chose to go into the coffee world. Passionate, stubborn and rebellious to traditional concepts. Recently working as a barista trainer. Active competitor in various coffee events.

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