Barista Life #5 – Top 5 Barista Secret Confession

Customers and Barista always have that tension. They just don’t understand each other.  As a daily coffee consumer, have you ever wondered what’s your barista thinking ? As a barista, have you ever told your customers what you are thinking ? This week, let’s us make the barista confession.

1. We appreciate if you order an espresso

As we had discussed before in Coffee Myth #4 – The art of espresso, we know that espresso is the naked version of coffee. It tells a lot of the barista styles, skills and more. We, barista, hope people to appreciate that. we want customers to taste the dedicated hard work on making the espresso.

Barista never confess to you that if we don’t pull that perfect shot, we won’t serve it.

2. Extra hot milk can throw a spanner

This is one of the forever conflicts between the barista and customers. You ask for an extra hot latte but barista gives you a warm latte as always. You are pissed because you asked for a super hot coffee. So you keep wondering why barista just can’t make it hot ?

That’s the thing barista never told you. High temperature breaks the protein chains in milk. As long as the temperature does not go over an optimum, the fat and sugar in the milk can still protect the chains so that the milk foam is smooth enough to pull a nice latte art.

High temperature can kill the milk texture and nutrients. We can never bear making crap coffee. We are perfectionist, all the drinks getting from our hands can only be good.

Barista will of course entertain most of your requests but extra hot milk,,, well,,,can really throw a spanner.


3. Latte Art isn’t merely decorative 

Latte art has always been seen as a final touch of a coffee. “It looks good !” is what customers usually say.

But we never told you that latte art can also be quite indicative.

To produce a latte art. Firstly, the milk has to be gently and carefully steamed. When the espresso and steamed milk are both good, the latte art comes quite natural.

For sure making a latte art needs a high demanding skill. But what I want to say is, only if the milk and coffee have been taken great care, can a good latte art then be made. Now you know, it doesn’t just look good, it could also mean taste good.


4. Please trust me.

Well, this is real life. Every time customers come order with special requests like : decaf skimmed extra hot no foam half shot cappuccino, they take the drink from us and double check, “is that decaf ? skimmed ? extra hot ? half shot ?”
What we didn’t say is, “Please trust me, we only do what you have requested.”


5. Please smile. 

This might be not so related to coffee itself but we do hate it when you come with your shit face. I understand everybody has their shitty time. Maybe all we can do is to cheer you up with that good coffee but please smile! Talk to us, look up from your phone to order! We definitely make better coffee if we meet friendly customers.


I have to say thses are just tip of the iceberg. Comment and tell me your confession !

Vanessa Lee

Founder of Forbidden Project since 2016. A Law & Bus degree graduate who chose to go into the coffee world. Passionate, stubborn and rebellious to traditional concepts. Recently working as a barista trainer. Active competitor in various coffee events.

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