5 Ways Barista Training Is Going To Save Your Business

forbidden#33 5 Ways Barista Training Is Going To Save Your Business

Let me guess… 

You are a cafe owner or manager. And you have a few pretty skilful barista. You are satisfied and happy with them.

Barista training? Never thought of it. Your barista are good enough. You have invested a significantly enough money in the coffee shop business. You don’t see the importance of barista trainings.

The truth is:

Lacking the right barista team is usually the fatal wound of many coffee shop businesses.

You must have already noticed. The good barista keeps loyal customers. As I have mentioned in another of my article - The Importance of a Training Program for Your Barista Trainees, barista is one of your most important investment you can ever make to your business.  

Now, you must ask: But I have some good barista here working!

Yes, congratulations! You have passed the first test. Now, what’s next? How can you keep them in the company in order to grow your business?

Good news: Simply providing barista training can make your business sustainable. 

Here are 5 benefits barista training can give to your coffee business:


1. Improve customer experience


Customer satisfaction, most of the time, depends on how good the barista performs. From my experience in the industry, the coffee quality is surprisingly not on the first priority. What the customers see is how they interact with the barista.

Once the barista is properly trained in terms of the serving skills and professionalism, their performance behind the bar is different. They will be much more confidence to share the coffee knowledge to customers. They will be much more willing to educate your customers as well. This elevates the customers experience.

This makes customers want to come back.

2. Maintain Quality Consistence


Barista training is not only to train up new barista, but also to make sure the few people work behind the bar make the same quality of coffee.

Imagine the barista in morning shift makes far better coffee than the one in the afternoon shift. Even you have the best beans serving, you wouldn’t be able to win the market because your coffee quality is inconsistent.

Those lucky customers who had the morning coffee  would come back and realise only certain barista make better coffee. And those unlucky customers who came in the afternoon might never come back.

A regular training can freshen up the coffee standard for all barista. You are also able to track their skills and learning progress. To maintain quality consistence is very important, except that your coffee shop has only one shift (which is quite rare).

3. Lower Turnover rate

How can barista training lower turnover rate? It sounds unrelated!

That’s not true. 

Barista is a very special type of people. They will leave jobs because they don’t see themselves grow. They are so passionate in coffee, which makes them seeking for improvements everyday. If you cannot provide such a space to grow, they won’t stay too long with you. 

Trust me, I was a barista. And I have seen so many barista gave up better and stable salaries for the sake of sharpening their skills. 

Give them training, let them grow. This is one of the ways to solve your manpower problem.

4. Build Up A good Barista Team


Building up a strong barista team doesn’t necessarily mean the world champs team. A good barista team means the group of barista who would encourage each other to try new things and learn together. 

To achieve this, a regular training schedule can definitely help.

Coffee training allows barista to be inspired for new ideas or initiating projects. And providing training to a group of barista, they will discuss and try out new ideas together at the shop. They will learn together and become better together.

Then, they of course, make better coffee.

5. A Better Brand Reputation


A brand identity and reputation are built on human.

A healthy barista team is what you want to represent your brand. The ideal scene is: when customers come to your shop, meet your professional happy barista serving them coffee.

How to make your crew professional? Coffee Training. Simple.

Training is the foundation to keep your barista active and happy, instead of aimless and boring.


Why Not Give It A Try?


A lot of people thought paying more money to barista can keep them happy. And they should work professionally because you’ve paid them higher. Well, this is no one’s fault but mutual misunderstanding. 

You might disagree that Barista Training is going to save your business but what don’t you give it a try?

Contact me if you want to know more about barista training!

Happy caffeinated and see you next week!  

Vanessa Lee

Founder of Forbidden Project since 2016. A Law & Bus degree graduate who chose to go into the coffee world. Passionate, stubborn and rebellious to traditional concepts. Recently working as a barista trainer. Active competitor in various coffee events.

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