Oxford Dictionary

to hinder, prevent or make impossible; an extremely low possibility of occurrence. 

Sinfully Desirable 

It may be your forever chasing dreams.

It may be a work that you wish it had got done years ago.

It may be whatever you have ever wanted in life.

There is always a charm about the "Forbidden" that makes it unspeakably and sinfully desirable.

Trust your inner voice.

Don't regret. Don't hesitate.

And Don’t ever let the world hinder you.

That's why I started FORBIDDEN.

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The Forbidden Fruit 

Well, it’s a really outrageous imagination. So be ready.

What if the forbidden fruit we have been talking for more than thousands years, which we projected it as an apple is actually a coffee cherry instead?

There are 2 beautiful coincidence between the forbidden fruit and coffee. First and it’s obvious that coffee cherry is also red in colour. Second, coffee bring stimulations to human brains, which, I suspect that the same effect was exerted to Adam’s and Eva’s brains back in the beginning of everything.

Coffee, the seed from ancient time. We will never completely understand this mystery...

About Me 

Vanessa Lee

/Founder of Forbidden project since 2016

/Barista Trainer at The Coffee Academics 

/Coffee Science researches - Projects got featured

/Semi-finalist 2017 HK AeroPress Championship 

/Semi-finalist 2017 HK Coffee Aroma Championship  

Be Rebellious  ·  Chase Perfection

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