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Specialty Coffee From Colombia: It Is Colombian! (2)

Colombia Coffee Review

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?  Coffee from It Is Colombian again? Yes, hurray! Thank you Mario for always bringing me his new yummy coffee from Colombia. If you haven’t known who is Mario, read this.  I somehow forget how did we meet each other but he always has this extreme positive energy and his signature smile on his face. And […]

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4 Reasons You Must Try This Mind-blowing Edible Coffee – Coffee Pixels!

Coffee Pixels featured pic

You are rushing to take the bus to work on a typical Monday. Your body is craving for caffeine, urgently need some caffeine to kick your brain from the weekends hangover.  3 mins more until the bus arrive. Should be just enough to grab a coffee. You can make it. You run into the coffee shop. Grab a […]

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