Barista Life #2 – Be a Professional One

The blog this time is kinda personal but i really want to write them down.

I just finished another coffee competition today. This was not my first competition but this was the first one that I am fully dedicated into and worked so hard to fight for it. This was the Hong Kong Brewers Cup Championship. As you might not know what it is, it is the Hong Kong based competition at the moment but the champion will go to the world championship completing with the world’s top barista. All the professional barista are joining this competition. This is like the number 1 big event in the industry.

I have way too far till the professional standard but well, fake it until you make it, right ? From the moment I successfully enrolled into this competition, i started preparing. I cut down any stronger taste food so to make my tongue more sensitive. I did research and experiments on a lot of beans trying to work out some perfect recipes. For almost 10 days, I stayed behind after working hours to work for it. It was super tiring and exhausting that I feel like I’m crushing by this project of mine. The thing is I know I’m not good enough so I gotta run faster and faster to catch up with all those excellent barista.

It’s hard, it’s super hard. When you saw people partying and posted pics on Instagram but you were drunk on caffeine and all the headache were hitting you like hell. The hardest thing, yet, was the doubts that I made for myself. I was afraid that I wasn't good, that I was still fresh, that others had world’s comps experience, that they brewed better coffee,,,,,,,,, It was endless and it’s again toxin. I knew these would never do good to me so I tried not to let my thinking move any a tiny bit to that side because I can never control how others perform. What I can control is how best I can.

This morning I carried the huge luggage with all those brewing equipments inside. The moment I left the doorway, I had this ever first feeling that my whole world was inside and the thing that leading me were passion and determination. I told myself, “ Let’s see where passion will lead me”.

Before I stepped out to the stage, I looked at the beans and the only thing I’m telling myself was, “ Trust them, trust those coffee bean is on your side”.

I had 7 mins on stage. When it finished, I didn't feel like it’s an end ( though all the tiredness and headaches hit me super hard now ). I feel like it’s a whole new beginning. I am crushed and reborn. I am even more eager to work out my projects on coffee beans and find out more answers from them.

It’s a whole new experience to me. I was kind of stuck at some point on coffee and struggling to find the direction. But now, I have found it.

P.S. At this moment, I still haven’t known the result yet but it doesn't matter much because I think I earned a lot from it already.

Vanessa Lee

Founder of Forbidden Project since 2016. A Law & Bus degree graduate who chose to go into the coffee world. Passionate, stubborn and rebellious to traditional concepts. Recently working as a barista trainer. Active competitor in various coffee events.

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