Barista Life #4 – How Many Shot do Barista Take Daily ?

I have come across with this question quite often. How many espresso shots do you ( barista ) take daily? If you are a barista, I am sure it is not a rare question to be asked.

The outside world thinks the secret of barista keeping very high energy all day is the unlimited caffeine that we can intake at work. The outside world also thinks that we are all caffeine addicts. That’s why they ask this question with an implied perception and curiosity, “ How many shots do you take per day? “

Well, we all love coffee. It’s our passion. But I’m sure over 70% of us are NOT caffeine addicts. We can physically live without it.

But to answer the question, I have to say we take quite a lot of shot everyday to maintain the quality of the espresso throughout a day. To me, maybe around 5 to 6 shots of espresso per day. I know you may feel a bit disappointed with this number. You expected I say like 20, right? I come with sometimes more than 20 shots a day, but just when the espresso machine or anything else is being naughty.

Generally, whenever we start working, we will have the 1st shot. If that’s not pleasant or what we want, we will then try tuning it, moving different variables to slightly modify it. This counts to 2nd – 4th shot until we are satisfied. Throughout the afternoon, we also taste the shot from time to time, ensuring that the quality is of the same. It then counts to 5th to 6th shot.

So 6 shots is a daily standard dose. If anything goes wrong or comes to the new machine, we will need to take more.

You might then wonder do we have a higher caffeine-resistant gene coded in our DNA?

Well, as we are caffeine-trained, we do have a higher tolerance to caffeine. It’s just like people who smoke, you have to smoke with a higher nicotine until you feel the same as your first cigarette.

But we also experience overdosing effect if we intake more than the level that our body can handle. Those effects may be like shaking hands, becoming sleepy, feeling starving or wanting to throw… It depends on the unique reaction that your body with caffeine. It varies. I do enjoy a good shot but the overdosing effect can also kill me.

Well, these are all behind the scene. Before we serve a shot to you, we have taken all the not-the-best shots already ( Wink ).

Vanessa Lee

Founder of Forbidden Project since 2016. A Law & Bus degree graduate who chose to go into the coffee world. Passionate, stubborn and rebellious to traditional concepts. Recently working as a barista trainer. Active competitor in various coffee events.

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