Cafe Review: Sp_ce Cafe & Lounge

forbidden #32 Cafe review - Sp_ce

An under-known tiny cafe worths your visit. 


Hope you enjoyed the cafe review I shared last week for NOC coffee co. (Sai Ying Pun) . 

This week we continue to explore good coffee place nearby where we live. And this is just 15 minutes walk from home - Sp_ce Cafe & Lounge in Sheung Wan.


Cafe Review: Sp_ce Cafe & Lounge

I have to admit I passed this place quite a few times but never had the chance to visit. It is a small place (its tiny compare to where I had been to last week) but it did not fail to surprise me with its vibe and coffee. 

The style of the shop is raw. It doesn’t have any unnecessary decoration, which allows you to focus on enjoying coffee or food or the person you are having coffee with. 

The shop's name, Sp_ce, intentionally skips a letter in the middle. This echos the concept of the place - gives you a space to put anything in and get creative. It’s very comfortable when you go inside even though it is small with only 10+ seats. There is also an outdoor seating area where most of the people will instagram it. 

This place gives you good vibe and so far one of the best milk coffee I had recently. I think this place is under-known. 

What I ordered?


As usual, we ordered only coffee but they have also food menu for you to explore. 

We ordered a latte and an iced mocha.

The latte was excellent. Latte art is well done. As you can see in the picture, the pattern isn’t a high level but the mixing and skills in milk steaming was done really good. And that made the latte tasted super creamy and lingering.

 The chocolate, mixed nuts flavour in the latte were very sharp which made us curious what was the blend. It was a single origin Colombia espresso. That’s why! It proves again single origin espresso makes better coffee beverage.

It surprised me a lot. They do not have all the expensive coffee gears but they made a very impressive coffee. 

The iced mocha was standard. What special is that they serve all ice drinks in wine glass. Personally, I don’t have any special feeling to coffee serving in wine glass but probably it is more instagrammable to a lot of people.

What you’d come back for?


The atmosphere, the good vibe and the good coffee of course. It is a good place to enjoy a cup of coffee, good chat and get rest from the reality for awhile with friends.

Address: 20 Po Hing Fong, Sheung Wan 

 Hope you enjoy the share, leave your comment and see you next week!

Happy caffeinated.

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