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5 Ways Barista Training Is Going To Save Your Business

forbidden#33 5 Ways Barista Training Is Going To Save Your Business

Let me guess…  You are a cafe owner or manager. And you have a few pretty skilful barista. You are satisfied and happy with them. Barista training? Never thought of it. Your barista are good enough. You have invested a significantly enough money in the coffee shop business. You don’t see the importance of barista trainings. The truth […]

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Barista Life #6 – 3 Tips for New Barista

A big part of my job is to give training to coffee beginners and new barista. Everytime I meet these coffee newbies, it reminds me of myself in the beginning of the coffee journey. The day I decided to stop pursuing further legal study and stepped into this coffee world – Read this : When […]

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Barista Life #5 – Top 5 Barista Secret Confession

Customers and Barista always have that tension. They just don’t understand each other.  As a daily coffee consumer, have you ever wondered what’s your barista thinking ? As a barista, have you ever told your customers what you are thinking ? This week, let’s us make the barista confession. 1. We appreciate if you order an […]

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