Coffee Journal: Coco Espresso Opens New cafe in Hong Kong

It’s Saturday morning again. If you are searching for a hipster cafe to spend time in, I have a great suggestion. 

Aussie Coffee Meets Hong Kong

If you are a follower of Coco Espresso, follow their latest cafe in Sheung Wan (opened in Feb 2018) and you will probably end up at a relaxing Australian styled coffee place. Go in and order a coffee — I promise, you won’t regret it.

Founder, Johnson Ko started Coco Espresso in 2007. The first cafe opened in Sheung Wan. Since then, they have 4 cafes in Hong Kong now. Inspired by Australian coffee culture, all outlets of Coco Espresso retain the style.

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Roasting Perfection, Brewing Happiness

Align with their slogan, Roasting Perfection, Brewing Happiness, the coffee are sourced from various countries and then roasted locally. In order to keep freshness, their espresso blend is seasonal.

Photo credit: King Tang @ foto_caffe

The house blend espresso was smooth, creamy and balanced, with subtle nutty chocolatey flavour. It was a perfect lazy morning shot. If you are a fan of Single Origin Espresso (SOE), they also provide seasonal SOE as an option.

House Blend Espresso (Left)/ DR Flat White (Middle)/ Happiness (Right)

One of the signature drinks is their handcrafted cold brew coffee. Bottled like a chilled beer, this one is Happiness. It was a cold brew natural Ethiopian coffee. All I’d say is a must-try. The rest, I will leave it for you to tell me

Photo credit: King Tang @ foto_caffe

Another special on the menu is their Doppio Ristretto Flat White (DR Flat White). It was interestingly creamy and fruity at the same time.

Like the other Coco Espresso outlets, the Aussie open bar and sleek style gives you a very friendly impression. The custom-designed Spirit espresso machine takes the stage. The design on the espresso machine is a snap of the signature Hong Kong harbour scene. Those highlighted buildings are where Coco Espresso's cafes located. 

There is also a selection of Coco Espresso merchandise available. 

If you want to enjoy your Saturday quiet morning coffee, I’d definitely recommend you to this new cafe of Coco Espresso.

P.S. Their bakery are delicious too! 

Address: Coco Espresso, 13 - 15 Jervois Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong 

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Happy caffeinated! 

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