Coffee Myth #1 – The Darker The Winner ?

It is always funny when people order a Black coffee with pride. Like when you go into the bar ordering a whiskey and add, “Neat, please. “ Like, “oh you do a latte ? hell, I do black, without milk and sugar, you know? (winked)” I don’t know when and how this pride established but well, is darker coffee always the winner ? 

Let’s make things clear here first. This time we first sort out this myth on espresso based ones ok ? Leave the soft brew on another level. So now when we talk about black coffee, it is the drink that composites with only espresso and water, alright ? 

Appreciation of the coffee favour

Coffee is magical. It contains unique favours in different coffee beans. With the amplified effect from the espresso machine, it magnified both good and bad characters of the beans. Therefore, black coffee is so naked for us, as a barista. Working as a barista, we are really care about the quality of the shot. The simplest dish always tells how good the cook is, right ? 

There are usually 2 types of black-coffee customers. 1, that they take it because they think they need caffeine and feel like it works better. ( Like taking 2 shots of tequila before partying, whoah! ) It does not necessarily means that they like how a black coffee tastes. 2, They are coffee lovers and appreciate the raw coffee favours, plus to score the particular coffeeshop on their list. 

Black coffee is simple, pure and naked. 

The heavenly match of milk and coffee 

Pause here a bit. Does that mean people who order milk coffee don’t appreciate the coffee favours ? I don’t think so. 

In this particular one category of coffee, there are tons of different kinds and names ; Latte, Flat White, Cappuccino, Piccolo, Latte Macchiato, Magic, Dirty, Mocha… I swear these are just all the most common names among them. But whatever the names are, they are just an espresso-based coffee playing with the milk. 

Milk coffee is a whole different level of enjoyment. Milk + Espresso are perfect match. They are each other’s soulmate and natural companion. A good latte can amplify the good of the bean and balance the intensely bitter taste of the shot, making it smoother and richer. We have been mixing coffee and milk for around 300 years since the 18th century. Milk plays a big part in the quality of a coffee. It makes the cup into a more delicate enjoyment. The fruit, caramel and chocolate quality of the shot work really nice with milk. Hmmm, an happily-ever-after kind of romantic marriage ! 

So, who wins ? Neither. 

Everybody reacts to caffeine differently but the appreciation can be of the same high. I can like a coffee in its espresso form as much as it is in a latte kind of forms. Don’t worry, we won’t judge; we just love coffee. And love making people love coffee. Promise me, next time your friends order a latte or cappuccino, you won’t act like “ Really ? With so much milk ? “ 

Vanessa Lee

Founder of Forbidden Project since 2016. A Law & Bus degree graduate who chose to go into the coffee world. Passionate, stubborn and rebellious to traditional concepts. Recently working as a barista trainer. Active competitor in various coffee events.

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