Coffee Myth #3 – Which Coffee Taste Best ?

As a barista, everyday I meet customers coming to the store asking about the beans. Most of them probably just started drinking coffee or making their own cuppa at home. They are generally at the entry level in terms of coffee. They haven’t even understood the barista language yet. 

Their questions are usually like these : 

Which one is better coffee ? 

Which beans taste better ? 

Oh, this pack is more expensive ? Does that mean it taste good ? 

What if I say there’s no best-tasted coffee in the world. Will you be disappointed ? I’m sure there must be the most expensive coffee bean in the world. Luwak is expensive; Blue mountain is well-known coffee. It doesn’t mean we are obligated to agree that they taste good. 

The other night when i was at a farmer cheese tasting workshop. There’s one thing I extremely agree with was that the lecturer told us, like or dislike is just a matter of taste. Everyone has a different preference and reception to taste. There’s no right or wrong. Feel free to tell people you don’t like it, even, maybe, it’s a very expensive one. 

This is so openminded. And this is freedom. The concept was not new to me at all; I knew it years ago but I forgot it for awhile. There were some stages of mine fell into this maze of searching / struggling to make a better tasted coffee. The fact is you just can’t make everyone likes your coffee.  

Taste is really objective and well, fair at the same time. You can dislike any cup of coffee but you still can’t devalue it anyway. It’s like no matter how much you hate Justin Bieber, he still has tons of hard core fans. 

This point is, we, as a barista, should understand our position is neutral. We should remind ourselves, of course, we want to present the beans that we consider the best, our favourite beans. (I’d say it’s kinda indicative but most of the time, please trust your own taste.) But at the same time, we also respect others’ tastes so much. Be brave to tell us you don’t like the coffee. It will definitely lit our ego to tailor made your coffee until you are satisfied.


Maybe, that’s the trick ;).

Vanessa Lee

Founder of Forbidden Project since 2016. A Law & Bus degree graduate who chose to go into the coffee world. Passionate, stubborn and rebellious to traditional concepts. Recently working as a barista trainer. Active competitor in various coffee events.

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