Coffee Origin #1 – The Brazilian New Secret Coffee Mission


You must not be surprised that Brazil has been being the largest coffee producer in the world for the last 150 years. Ironically, coffee was not native to this land.  The first seed planted in Brazil owing to a secret coffee mission, which, becomes the all-time legend in Brazil coffee history. Let’s look into this 300-year-ago espionage […]

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Barista Life #6 – 3 Tips for New Barista

A big part of my job is to give training to coffee beginners and new barista. Everytime I meet these coffee newbies, it reminds me of myself in the beginning of the coffee journey. The day I decided to stop pursuing further legal study and stepped into this coffee world – Read this : When […]

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Barista Life #5 – Top 5 Barista Secret Confession

Customers and Barista always have that tension. They just don’t understand each other.  As a daily coffee consumer, have you ever wondered what’s your barista thinking ? As a barista, have you ever told your customers what you are thinking ? This week, let’s us make the barista confession. 1. We appreciate if you order an […]

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