Prague’s Best 6 Coffee Shops (Part 2)

Did you enjoy reading the the Prague’s Best 6 Coffee Shops (Part 1)? Read it now if you haven’t.

Here comes the part 2! 

Prague Best 6 Coffee Shops (Part 2)


  • Mama Coffee

    Once you hear the name “mama” coffee, you can never forget it. It’s such a good coffee shop name (with good coffee too!).

    They have 6 outlets in Prague, each of them has slightly different style. I have been to 2 of them, both are very cute cafes. 

    Told by Ester, the CFO of Mama Coffee, that the business was opened 10 years ago by the couple Marta and Daniel. They had this idea when they went to a honeymoon trip in Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee. They fell in love with the country and experienced the first time what is true coffee. 

After the trip, they were determined to spread and educate people in their own country what coffee is. That’s how the name Mama Coffee came from.

Having not much specialty coffee places in Prague 10 years ago, Mama Coffee was among the first batches of such a business model in Prague.

  • What I ordered?

    I ordered a single origin espresso from Brazil.

    It is a safe espresso to serve. Overall, it’s a balanced and clean espresso. I can imagine it will go well as a milk based coffee. Considering they have 6 outlets and targeting a board range of coffee lovers, this is a good entry level espresso for newbie coffee drinkers. 

  • What’d you come back for?

    What I really like about Mama Coffee is that it has a very friendly atmosphere. All barista on the floor or behind the bar are energetic, happy and friendly. Seats are comfortable too.

    It is a good place for you to seat down for a chat with friends or just simple enjoy a cup of coffee!

    Mama Coffee
    Address: Vodičkova 6, Praha 1

  • EMA Espresso Bar / Alf & Bet 

    "So spacious”, your first feeling to this place.

    “Smells good”, will be your second feeling.

    EMA Espresso Bar’s signature long bar table is at the front of the shop serving specialty coffee. And Alf & Bet is at the back producing good pastries and roasting coffee. 

    I have special feelings to EMA Espresso Bar because it was the first specialty coffee shop I had been to during my first Prague trip and left me a very good impression. Their good coffee and delicious pastry were so unforgettable.

    Now, the second time in Prague, how can I miss it?

  • What I ordered? 
    Unlike the usual me, I ordered a cortado on a Peru single origin espresso.

    It was done perfectly. Creamy, fruity and sweet. They only serve single origin on all coffee items. The choice of beans will be according to the coffee quality and supply. So they will change seasonally.

    Alf & Bet is the place where roasting coffee beans, producing breads and pastries to the same company but different outlets: Cafe Lounge and EMA Espresso Bar. I of course also tried their pastries. Nothing can beat freshly baked cookies and cakes, yum! 
  • What’d you come back for? 
    Simply good coffee and breads!! 

    Alf & Bet
    Address: Světova 2, Praha 8
  • Kavárna Pražírna 

    It is quite a hidden place. A small stairs lead to the cafe at the basement. 

    Like most of the other cafe owners, Vanda, wanted to have her own place after few years working in coffee. Kavárna Pražírna is a cafe & roastery. The roasting used to happen there in the beginning.

    That was Vanda’s idea to build a cafe where customers can also see how is the coffee production looks like. Now, the roaster has been moved to another site for bigger production. 

    After 6 years, the coffee shop still preserved this vintage and artistic style that I really like.  

  • What I ordered?

    I had a Colombia pour over. It was a very balanced, fruity and sweet filter coffee. An enjoyable morning coffee.

    When I asked Vanda what’s the signature item of her cafe, she said a lot of people come for their handmade cheese cake. For sure we must try it! It is so cheesy and soft. People who love cheese cakes like me will definitely addict to it. 
  • What’d you come back for?

    I like the atmosphere and style here. It’s a place for you to meet your friends, open your laptops to work or to sit and chill for a relaxing day. And of course, come back for their cheese cake!

    Kavárna Pražírna
    Address: Lublaňská 676/50, 120 00 Vinohrady-Nové Město

I hope you enjoyed these 6 coffee shops that I shared both in part 1 and part 2. All of them really high quality specialty coffee shops in Prague. And what’s more, I conducted interview with each of them. I am excited to share our interviews in the next articles with you! 

Stay tuned and see you next week! 

Vanessa Lee

Founder of Forbidden Project since 2016. A Law & Bus degree graduate who chose to go into the coffee world. Passionate, stubborn and rebellious to traditional concepts. Recently working as a barista trainer. Active competitor in various coffee events.

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