Coffee projects currently focusing  :

  • Coffee Trainer of The Coffee Academics -  internal & external barista training, coffee research & development, drinks development. 

  • Coffee Science Researches -  believer of coffee science. See where I was featured in here. The latest one done is on water-coffee relations. Download here

  • Writing - Coffee is always a booster for writer. I love both. Mostly writing on this blog. Guest posting at The Perfect Daily Grind. Featured in The Coffee Academics' blog. I write eBooks as well. The latest one - My First Coffee Brewing Cheatsheet will be released soon !

  • Reviews - open to guest posts, product reviews and kickstarter projects. Let's get in touch !

  • Newsletter - will send it out from time to time. It includes : trending coffee news, coffee books suggestions, blog posts, coffee fun facts and more. Sign up here, it will be delivered.

  • Competitions - love competing because that's what makes improvement. 

  • Reading - welcome to suggest and discuss together any coffee books ! 

  • Roas​ting - do it on the side because that allows me to get closer to coffee. 

My bio : 

My name is Vanessa Lee. A barista with legal background. 

I have been writing coffee here since 2016. I do mostly coffee education plus coffee science researches. Some of my work got featured in a few media. Keen to work with like-minded people.

Coffee is my passion. I am writing here for anyone who are interested in coffee, from beginners to professionals.