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4 Reasons You Must Try This Mind-blowing Edible Coffee – Coffee Pixels!

Coffee Pixels featured pic

You are rushing to take the bus to work on a typical Monday. Your body is craving for caffeine, urgently need some caffeine to kick your brain from the weekends hangover.  3 mins more until the bus arrive. Should be just enough to grab a coffee. You can make it. You run into the coffee shop. Grab a […]

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Voilà! – 5 Things I Love About This Specialty Instant Coffee 


You are skeptical. You hear about specialty instant coffee does taste good – the instant coffee that retains coffee aromas and tastes the same as a good quality cup of drip coffee. In addition, you can prepare such a coffee by yourself within 1 mins.  It sounds too good to be true. Especially when “Instant” was used […]

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