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5 Ways Barista Training Is Going To Save Your Business

forbidden#33 5 Ways Barista Training Is Going To Save Your Business

Let me guess…  You are a cafe owner or manager. And you have a few pretty skilful barista. You are satisfied and happy with them. Barista training? Never thought of it. Your barista are good enough. You have invested a significantly enough money in the coffee shop business. You don’t see the importance of barista trainings. The truth […]

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Prague’s Best 6 Coffee Shops (Part 2)

Did you enjoy reading the the Prague’s Best 6 Coffee Shops (Part 1)? Read it now if you haven’t. Here comes the part 2! Prague Best 6 Coffee Shops (Part 2) Mama CoffeeOnce you hear the name “mama” coffee, you can never forget it. It’s such a good coffee shop name (with good coffee too!).They have 6 outlets […]

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Prague’s Best 6 Coffee Shops (Part 1)

Prague's Best Coffee Shops

You must have heard of this city. The city is well-known as one of the most beautiful cities in the world and best known of its local delicious beer.  But I suspect not many people know its specialty coffee scene is going viral across the city. Just came back from the capital of Czech Republic, Prague, I summarised […]

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Specialty Coffee From Colombia: It Is Colombian! (2)

Colombia Coffee Review

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?  Coffee from It Is Colombian again? Yes, hurray! Thank you Mario for always bringing me his new yummy coffee from Colombia. If you haven’t known who is Mario, read this.  I somehow forget how did we meet each other but he always has this extreme positive energy and his signature smile on his face. And […]

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