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Prague’s Best 6 Coffee Shops (Part 2)

Did you enjoy reading the the Prague’s Best 6 Coffee Shops (Part 1)? Read it now if you haven’t. Here comes the part 2! Prague Best 6 Coffee Shops (Part 2) Mama CoffeeOnce you hear the name “mama” coffee, you can never forget it. It’s such a good coffee shop name (with good coffee too!).They have 6 outlets […]

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Prague’s Best 6 Coffee Shops (Part 1)

Prague's Best Coffee Shops

You must have heard of this city. The city is well-known as one of the most beautiful cities in the world and best known of its local delicious beer.  But I suspect not many people know its specialty coffee scene is going viral across the city. Just came back from the capital of Czech Republic, Prague, I summarised […]

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