Barista Life #6 – 3 Tips for New Barista

A big part of my job is to give training to coffee beginners and new barista. Everytime I meet these coffee newbies, it reminds me of myself in the beginning of the coffee journey. The day I decided to stop pursuing further legal study and stepped into this coffee world – Read this : When Dream Job Finally Touches the Ground. What if I could meet myself when I first started, what tips would I advice myself ? This week I have concluded 3 tips for new barista I wish I knew much earlier.


1. Be humble

Steve jobs said, “Stay hungry; stay foolish”. This is universal. Always be ready to learn. Bear in mind that you are green and fresh. This coffee world is bigger than you could imagine. Everyday new technology, brewing methods, theories come out. Keep yourself up-to-day and stay fresh.

Subscribe to coffee news platforms and read every morning like you used to read newspaper frequently. Talk to experience barista. Just simply imagine yourself as spongy, soaking up all around you. Keep close with the market and be active. That is how you learn, grow and expand.

Be humble, that’s the number 1 attitude.


2. Be a perfectionist

Never settle with average or OK coffee. Try to make the best of you on every cup you could ever produce. Then, you start to love your coffee. You start being in love with your own craft. Chase perfection, only serve the coffee if that is your perfect shot.

Only if you push the limit further, can then you exceed your own boundaries. Go compete as much as you can, every single competition will strengthen you in one focused topic. At the same time, you only give out the best at competitions. If you want to win over the yesterday you, bravely step out to the real harsh world and fight.

Be stubborn to perfection is the first step being that barista you always look up to.


3. Be a little rebellious

Most of the innovative products and ideas are invented when people think outside the box. Don’t always lock yourself in those long establish theories. Even science is everyday changing, not to say this mystery seed. Remember, we are still in the mist of this coffee mystery. There is always new findings and discovery in this industry.

Don’t be afraid to try out new things and think out of the box. Be reckless; be weird. It could lead you to a new path and findings. This industry is fast pacing. If you don’t move fast, you can never be the leader.

Sometimes, a little rebellious can be fruitful.


I am so blessed to say my path isn’t rough but I still made mistakes and I also failed. The one thing that keeps me moving is how much I am obsessed with coffee. And how determine I am to take it as my life career. Comment and tell me more about your barista life !

Vanessa Lee

Founder of Forbidden Project since 2016. A Law & Bus degree graduate who chose to go into the coffee world. Passionate, stubborn and rebellious to traditional concepts. Recently working as a barista trainer. Active competitor in various coffee events.

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