Voilà! – 5 Things I Love About This Specialty Instant Coffee 


You are skeptical. You hear about specialty instant coffee does taste good - the instant coffee that retains coffee aromas and tastes the same as a good quality cup of drip coffee. In addition, you can prepare such a coffee by yourself within 1 mins. 

It sounds too good to be true. Especially when “Instant” was used to be "a byword for cheap, low graded coffee that provides a caffeine hit but fails to offer quality.” — The Coffee Dictionary, Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood (2017).

But it’s not just an urban legend. Once you try it, you will instantly become a supporter of specialty instant coffee. You can have a good cup of specialty coffee wherever you are. You do not need to go through the strong coffee craving effects while you are camping, on the flight, or in the very rush Monday mornings.

There are a few brands on the market selling specialty instant coffee while the one I am going to share with you today claims to be the World’s best instant coffee from Oregon - Voilà

Check out the 5 things I love about it!

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The 5 Things I Love About Voilà

The discovery box from Voilà. Photo credit: King Tang via foto_caffe

  1. The Name - Voilà

    First of all, I love their name - Voilà (vwa la) .

    The word originates from French meaning that “here you go! / that’s right!”. Besides my bias love about French language, this is a name that you can never forget. You can relate it so much to the experience of using their product - Just add water, and voilà!

  2. Cute Packaging

    I cannot explain how much I love its very creative packaging. Both the size and outlook are like a pack of cigarette. I don’t smoke but some of my friends mistakenly thought I was carrying a pack of cigarette. Well, coffee is more or less my addiction anyway, haha. You will feel so fun to take out a pack of instant coffee out from a cigarette-like box.

    It’s small and very convenient to carry in your bag. No matter are you going on camping, hiking or on a flight, you will have no problem to take it with you.

  3. Tastes Just Good

    From the moment you receive Voilà coffee, the experience is only going to be WOW. You can’t wait to taste it.

    The one I’ve got is a discovery box from them.

    There are 5 different coffee inside with 3 different taste categories - Structured, Complex and Lively. This one I tried was categorised as Lively, an Ethiopia coffee from Gesha Village Reserve roasted by Ruby Colorful coffees.

    The tasting notes written on the bag are melon, caramel, floral and berry. All I can say is, it tasted 80% similar to these tasting notes. It is similar to how a good Ethiopia drip coffee tastes like. I love that it tastes very clean and sweet.

    One minor point was that I didn’t really like the aroma but we need to understand keeping the aroma is a big challenge in producing specialty instant coffee. Overall, It’s not far from a freshly dripped coffee. That is quite a breakthrough from the concept of traditional instant coffee.
  4. The Lovely Team

    When I received my coffee from Voilà, they included a handwritten greeting card with my name on it. I feel very personalised and so friendly for them to do it. Trust me, I have been buying quite a lot coffee related products online but this is one of the best buying experiences I have ever had. This makes me love the Voilà team!

  5. The Customisation

    If you like their coffee and want to subscribe it, you can order from 5 cups per month up to 30 cups per month. I know most of the subscription services can also customise your order but I especially like how they describe the taste preference.

    Usually coffee companies categorise tastes as fruity, nutty, balanced… These terms seem accurate but it might be vague to amateur coffee drinkers. Instead, they use colours and terms like structural, complex and lively to describe the flavour styles. It is quite impressive to me. 

The above are just 5 things I love about Voilà. I am sure there are more but I will leave it for you to tell me. Comment below!

Forbidden Review Conclusion

Just add water and voilà. Photo credit: King Tang via foto_caffe

Overall, I am fond of this coffee. Here is a summary of  FORBIDDEN Review:




Product Rating

8 / 10

It definitely is good specialty instant coffee! Overall, I would suggest this brand to friends.

Intended Use

9 / 10

If you are looking for an outdoor coffee, it is perfect for you.


7 / 10

In terms of instant coffee, it is not cheap but for a cup of specialty coffee, it is at medium.

Value for Money

8 / 10

It is quite reasonable for a cup of convenient good specialty coffee.

Perfect for whom?

It is perfect for any coffee lovers who love to enjoy good coffee when you are outdoor, such as camping, hiking or even on a flight.


It tastes similar to a fresh hand drip coffee.


The aroma might not be very good.


Sudden Coffee / Swift Coffee

Buying Advice

Choose a discovery box for the first time.

Forbidden Final Verdict:

I cannot comment if they are the world’s best instant coffee but this is surely a must-try item if you are open-minded to the development of specialty instant coffee.

The greeting card I received from Voilà team. Photo credit: King Tang via foto_caffe

Here are where you can order your Voilà!

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